Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Nursing Jobs - What Are The Possibilities

Nursing jobs are not difficult to find if a person is flexible about where they work. Hospitals are where most go to find employment but there are health centers, rehabilitation and psychiatric centers, industrial plants, schools and even ships where work can be found. Each person must take the time to find out where they would like to be and what they wish to specialize in.

A degree is not necessary to become a nurse but the greater the degree, the more choices there are for employment. The LPN can start working in just 18 months. An RN has two choices, a 36 month program or a four year program. Each can become a registered nurse but the bachelor's program allows them to move into administrative and supervisory positions. The nurse practitioner will need a master's degree.

Working in a hospital setting may be quite stressful and everyone is not cut out for working a 12 hour day. Plenty of other industries employ nurses. Elementary, middle and high schools employ them, as do colleges. Law firms use them as consultants and some become nurse paralegals. Industrial plants employ them to handle injuries. They may also be involved in safety training and first aid education.

Hospice care is a growing part of the health care industry. People are needed to help patients and their families get through the end stages of life. Elder care is also growing. Both require nurses in facility or at home. For those who wish to serve their country at the same time, they can work in any of the military branches. Disaster relief organizations are always in need as well.

An advanced practice nurse can have their own clinic in come states. Patients will sometimes choose them because they are less expensive than visiting a doctor. This nurse may also work in public health and education. Communities can be greatly affected when they are properly informed.

Locally or anywhere in the world nursing jobs can be found. For some working in the same place each day holds no appeal. Travel nurses go to places where there is a nurse shortage and fill in. The hospital usually arranges for housing as well. A flight nurse deals with a new situation each day, in a new location, with a new patient and among new people. Helping others can be quite exciting.

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